Diagnosing Roof Damage to Prevent Unwanted Leaks in the Future

Roof Leaks and Damage

Roof damage resulting from a storm can leave your roof with the complex damage that can become a  leak. Many leaks are not discovered until significant damage has occurred. Roof Repairs Co. can share enough knowledge here to help you understand when to be concerned about roof damage so you will know when to call on a Boston Roof Contractor that is a skilled in detecting problems while they are still manageable.

Naturally, any damage that is attributed to a storm can be filed as a claim with your homeowner’s insurance. The detailed inspection report that you receive from the roofing company serves as the ideal documentation that you will need to file a claim. Reputable roofing companies will be more than happy to help you with the claim process. Chances are that they are familiar with many of the insurance adjusters in your area. It is also wise to remember that most insurance policies have established a time limit to file a claim for storm damage.

Roof Damage Indication, Boston Roof Contractor

Check the long trays of your gutters and see if they are filled with mineral granules that

Boston Roof Contractor

used to be on the shingles. This means that a process called “degranulation” has taken place. It may not mean that the shingles have begun to degrade.

Roof Damage is Not Always Obvious

Many roofs that are damaged can look just fine to the untrained eye, but they could be completely compromised by storm damage. There are cases when there was absolutely no visual evidence of storm damage, such as missing shingles, yet there were several leaks found in the roofing system. An example would be sealing strip damage. The shingles have a sealing strip layered between them. During a storm, the wind may blow the shingles far enough to break this strip without removing the shingle. After the storm, the shingles lay back flat on the roof, and your roof looks normal. However, if the sealing strip is damaged, sometime within the next year or two your roof will start leaking.

Professional Roof Inspection in Boston, MA

As you may have learned, assessing a damaged roof is best left to professionals with the necessary training and expertise. Roof Repairs Co. of Boston, MA,  has been inspecting, repairing, and installing roofs in the Greater Boston area for over 29 years. They are more than happy to help you with filing insurance claims. Most importantly, they will stand behind their roof damage repairs with a workmanship warranty. Call them today to schedule an appointment so they can assess your roof damage.

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